Pokemon Go Online

Pokemon Go now update adds the new feature gives players the great experience right on your phone itself.


Link: https://pokemongogame01.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/download-pokemon-go/

The new version adds Trainer prompt dialog box should not be playing in the school environment is not favorable.
 Bonus experience bug fixes
 Ability to change once Nicknam
Fixed a bug in the battery saving mode on ISO and re-enable.
This super food is one of the game is expected to completely alter the vision of the future of gaming industry worldwide.
Step into the playing field, the player’s task is to find the Pokemon Go around you by walking around the neighborhood, your device will vibrate when a Pokemon discovered nearby. Target and throwing Poke Ball to collect them. When you level up, you can collect a lot of powerful Pokemon have greater strength Go to complete the Pokemon. Collecting, breeding and development of Pokemon. You can add to your collection by raising Pokemon egg.

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