Download Pokemon Go For Android

Pokemon Go is a currently the hottest game around the globe. With the players captured Pokémon. Just open the app go round, if the phone vibrates means pokemon are nearby. Touch pokemon on the map, the software will switch to start. Color around pokemon will stipulate the difficulty: easy to catch the most green, followed by yellow and finally red.

Download Pokemon Go For Android


Pokestops can understand the land is marked on the map. When the player is close enough pokestop, map icon will turn pokeballs, arranged horizontally to receive the items as: pokeball, drugs, eggs, …. There are some items in the pokecoin need to buy, just get informed through the gym or play in the purchase with real money.

To increase your character level is getting experience through activities in the game catch pokemon, fighting at the Gym, on the pokestop. When level up, players are rewarded gifts. When up to level 5, the character will have three teams to choose from: Red Team Valor, Instinct yellow, blue and Mystic as well as to fight with the other coaches in the gym.

Fight in Pokemon Go like the Game Boy version. The Pokemon face to face, attack each other, dodging the opponent’s skills. The match continues until one pokemon fainted.
Pokemon version of Go will to give players new experiences and exciting.

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Pokemon Go Apk

Pokemon Go is a game that combines real and virtual is currently storming the world when the new updated version.
Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, a company known for titles style enhanced reality (Augmented Reality) for smartphones, called Ingress.

Pokemo n Go Apk

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How to play the Pokemon Go can be understood as follows: Players followed directions to a certain place and through smartphones to detect and then catch Pokémon by Pokeball similar to what the characters in the film, the game usually do .
Its difference is that the entire process of collecting, training and battling Pokémon’s been happening in the real world now. Which means you can find a Pokémon right in his garden, capture it and bring competition to the park with friends. What a great game!

A difference and very novelty of Game Pokemon GO again it was outside feeding the Pokemon feature in the phone screen, the tablet, you can see as real communication.

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Pokemon Go Android

Pokemon Go is a completely free game. However, like most other games, to their in-game characters or more powerful, direct marketing, you need to buy 1 item number.


Pokemon Go Free


Meanwhile, Pokecoin – 1 in-game currency – will be used.
You can use real money to buy in the shop Pokecoin, and then used to purchase toys Pokecoin. You can buy 100 Pokecoin for $ 0.99 or 550 Pokecoin for $ 4.99.
you can make money while participating in the team’s gym. After each day to protect the gym from the onslaught of those who are outside you will get your Pokemon Go.
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Pokemon Go Online

Pokemon Go now update adds the new feature gives players the great experience right on your phone itself.



The new version adds Trainer prompt dialog box should not be playing in the school environment is not favorable.
 Bonus experience bug fixes
 Ability to change once Nicknam
Fixed a bug in the battery saving mode on ISO and re-enable.
This super food is one of the game is expected to completely alter the vision of the future of gaming industry worldwide.
Step into the playing field, the player’s task is to find the Pokemon Go around you by walking around the neighborhood, your device will vibrate when a Pokemon discovered nearby. Target and throwing Poke Ball to collect them. When you level up, you can collect a lot of powerful Pokemon have greater strength Go to complete the Pokemon. Collecting, breeding and development of Pokemon. You can add to your collection by raising Pokemon egg.

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Download Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was officially available in many countries around the world is interactive game on a touch screen phone. Pokemon Go with the strange new elements and toxic – as Pokemon Go Plus, gamers can help detect the real world Pokemon. Gamers are tasked control training and examination Pokemon world through different spaces. Therefore, Pokemon Go requires ingenuity, agility while controlling the Pokémon gamers.

pokemon go


You can buy additional items for your Pokemon in this shop PokemonStops.Nhung stores are located in a convenient location, unique, gamers help of Pokemon Go is easy to see.

With this new location, Pokemon Go will bring hours of gaming comfort, let’s download and experience Pokemon Go Now!

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play augmented reality mobile game. The game is based around catching, trading and battling virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world, using the devices having Android and iOS systems installed.

The game comes with Pokémon GO Plus, an optional wearable device that works alongside the game, which will enable the wearer to effectively search for Pokémon, even when the mobile phone is not activated.

Pokemon Go

The device uses Bluetooth connection to notify users when a Pokémon is nearby with an LED display and light vibration.

Pokemon Go allows you to use the GPS on your smartphone to find Pokemon in the real world. As you go about your normal life, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know a Pokemon is nearby. Use your smartphone’s touch screen and throw a Poke Ball to capture the wild Pokemon.

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